In addition to the prices for the three best mini-enterprises, our jury will also deliver various Awards to recognize outstanding results in different categories:

Best Presentation Award

To win this award, a general balance in the presentation must be recognizable, both in terms of content and form. Originality, professional presence and a convincing presentation are required. This year you can watch these videos on the respective page of the mini-enterprise.

Best Brand Award

A good logo alone is not enough – the mini-enterprise that best defines itself through its own brand and that presents the best concept of corporate identity wins this award.

Our partners also reward the best results with the following Awards:

YES Alumni x Accenture Digital Award

With a professional web presence, the mini-enterprises can win the YES Alumni x Accenture Digital Award. Elements such as organization, digital presence and information management are evaluated.

Jury: Cora Czuk, Roman Hiestand, Thomas Hirt, Marco Huwiler, Thomas Jansen, Manuel Meister, Isabelle Sandoz, Lisanne Vd Brink

Nominated mini-enterprises:

Clever Wallet, GAEBIG WALLETS, QuickLock, Starcatcher, SocialNow, WATURA

Coop Sustainability Award

The Coop Sustainability Award is given to the mini-enterprise which has paid particular attention to the issue of sustainability. The decisive criteria are sustainability as a business approach, the raw materials used and the social and ecological aspects of processing and production.

Jury: Coop Sustainability Team

Nominated mini-enterprises: Fold-it, frucht-X, reDefein

IGE IP Management Award

This Award rewards the mini-enterprise which has addressed the most in-depth reflections on the subject of Intellectual Property in the context of its own mini- enterprise.

Jury: Matthias Käch

Nominated mini-enterprises: Lavour, Sironia, Starcatcher

YES Media Award

Goldbach, IMACULIX and the two TV channels VOX and n-tv award the mini-enterprise best suited to advertising on television. An advertising spot on the winning mini-enterprise’s product will be shot and shown on Swiss television.

Jury: Sarah Bernhardt, Iris Blättler, Andi Bohli, Manuel Gasser, Christine Germann, Marvin Schmid, Guido Trevisan

Winner: Sironia

Swiss Prime Site Best Marketing & Sales Award

This Award goes to the mini-enterprise with the best sales and advertising activities for its product or service.

Jury: Jacqueline Hutter, Nicole Stamm, Mladen Tomic, Markus Waeber

UBS Most Innovative Product Award

UBS rewards the most innovative product or service idea of the year of the programme. In addition to the novelty of the product or service, the potential for further development, the market potential and the production process are also assessed.

Jury: Rudolf Bertschi, Martha Boeckenfeld, Curdin Duschletta

Nominated mini-enterprises: CoreCosmetics, GROOVY HAT, Lavour

Evaluation criteria

Business report
As for any enterprise, the business report provides an overview of all relevant developments, milestones and learnings for the mini-enterprise in the past programme year. In addition to the content, formal criteria and the punctual submission of the report are evaluated.

Online Interview
In this 15-minute interview between the mini-enterprises and the jury, knowledge about their own enterprise as well as business management contexts are tested. The jury asks questions about the business performance to date, objectives and achievement as well as learnings in the team.

Video presentation
During a four-minute video, the mini-enterprise presents its business model and the most important activities in a professional and effective way. Content, structure and originality are taken into account in the evaluation.

Report Online Presence
Each mini-enterprise presents itself and its product on its own website, on various social media channels and on the YES Marketplace. In particular, the overall appearance and activities are assessed.