Wall of Fame

With great pleasure we present our winning teams from the start of the Company Program in Switzerland:

2022: MOREinga, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

The superfood moringa is processed in a powder form into pasta and pesto. The specialties are produced regionally with local organic ingredients and organic moringa.

2021: The Crunchy Company, Stiftschule Einsiedeln

Apple crisps with all-natural flavours and unmistakable crunchiness.

2020: Mü-Company, Kantonsschule Frauenfeld

Chocolate in seasonally adapted varieties, whose quality and taste is first class, and whose ecological footprint from cultivation, transport, production and distribution is at least 30 times climate-compensated.

2019: frisi, Kollegium Gambach Fribourg

A natural and regionally produced syrup.

2018: Züri Pasta, Kantonsschule Hottingen

Handmade tagliatelle from the Zurich area.

2017: SmartBottle: Kantonsschule Hottingen

Drinking bottle with filter container that can be filled with fruits, vegetables and herbs to add flavour to the water.

2016: Young Pepper Company, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

High quality organic Kampot pepper from Cambodia.

2015: Wallity, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig

Valais ketchup, apricot jam with white chocolate and plum chutney made from Valais raw materials.

2014: Belle Elle, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

Silk ribbons: bracelet and necklace in one, made of 100% Habotai silk, which can absorb 50% of the skin moisture.

2013: CaraPow, Kantonsschule Sursee

Natural and pleasant caramel aroma for flavouring drinks and desserts.

2012: sackstarch, Kantonsschule Hottingen

Seabag made of residual materials from the production of blinds.

2011: backbord, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld

Bag that serves on the one hand as a carrier bag with a lot of storage space and on the other hand, when closed, as a normal shoulder bag.

2010: Pnööö, Kantonsschule Oerlikon

Handmade school cases made from old, worn-out bicycle tubes.

2009: écoVase, Kantonsschule Wohlen

Elegant flower vase made of high-quality plastic: When water is filled in, the flat foil turns into an elegant vase. It is light, unbreakable, saves space and can be designed individually.

2008: feel safe, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld

Portable alarm: can be triggered in case of emergency or harassment, in case of accidents, to protect against pickpocketing and to secure doors and windows, a shrill alarm of about 120 decibels will sound.

2007: Quickstitch, Kantonsschule Wohlen

“Quickstitch-Minilocher”: small hole punch that fits in every handbag, case and folder.

2006: SEDIA, Theresianum Ingenbohl

"Frosti": multifunctional children's chair in the shape of a bear, can be used in three different forms: as a high chair, rocker and chair-table combination.

2005: Platestar, Kantonsschule Wohlen

"Platenizer": agenda whose cover consists of used American car plates.

2004: PrimeCut, Kantonsschule Wohlen

"News Belt": belt with newspaper pieces sewn on by hand.

2003: Sky-High AG, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

"Ski-Flex": adjustable carrier for skis made of tear-resistant nylon.

2002: KARTEN AG, Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel

French file cards used for learning French vocabulary.

2001: Hidden, Gymnasium Interlaken

Weatherproof mini bag for sports and travelling named "Bodywhere".

2000: Bogs AG, Gymnasium Interlaken

School case made of plastic, shaped in an elliptical design for optimal use of volume.