Company Programme

About the Programme
The students found and run a real enterprise. They learn how the business world works and what role entrepreneurship plays in our society. Each participant takes on a function in her/his own mini-enterprise and carries out her/his tasks for the duration of the programme year. Products or services are developed and produced and finally sold on the market through sales activities. The mini-enterprises are accompanied by YES Programme Managers and teachers. More information

Pictures & Video

Here a few impressions of the programme.

In the current school year, 215 mini-enterprises and more than 1000 students participate in the Company Programme. In this National Final the 25 best teams compete to win the whole competition and the various Awards.

«Nothing is impossible! That is probably the most important lesson I learned from the Company Programme. A year ago, I would have never dared to tackle something like this. In the meantime, I know that even a humble student like me can be a CEO.» - Beat Bannwart, former mini-entrepreneur